Cod Liver Oil.org is an online resource designed to help you understand the differences and benefits between various cod liver oil products. It is a collaborative effort of individuals with relevant qualifications that vary from nutritional sciences to biomedical sciences. The website will contain products analysis/ reviews and general information on cod liver oil.

We evaluate cod liver and fish oil products based on various factors that we believe are important. These include, but are by no means limited to nutritional content, quality, environmental factors, and company ethos.

Why do we do it?

Cod liver oil is a heavily marketed and processed product, and its quality can vary dramatically. Cod liver oil supplements can range from toxic to life-saving. A combination of poor regulation throughout the world and marketing materials has made the cod liver oil market difficult to navigate and understand for most people. Some people may waste money on poor products, whereas others may actually negatively impact their health. This is something we want to try and avoid. We created this site because we have a good understanding of the science behind cod liver oil, and have a degree of responsibility to help share this information and understanding.

We update and maintain the website in our own time, and at our own expense.

Do we make money?

We do not charge subscriptions for brands, which would make the site nothing more than an advertising platform for companies with deep pockets. We also do not accept any money from brands looking to promote themselves.

We do run clearly labeled adverts on our website. These help to cover the overhead costs of the website, and if they buy us the odd cup of coffee we will be happy.

Do we test products?

Currently, we do not test product samples.